Food Diary

August 23, 2009

two eggs with strips of bacon and texas toast (at Peaches trailer)

ice Cap – on the drive home

cucumber and cheese on a bagel with light mayo x2

bowl of cherries


skim milk


August 22, 2009

Shit on a plate a.k.a. pie, chips, chocolate, steak, corn, ceasar salad,


August 21, 2009

1/2 onion bagel from Great Canadian Bagel

lg glass of h2o

lg glass of orange juice

bowl of cherries

2 scrambled eggs with light marble cheese and margarine

1/2 cheese bagel


August 20, 2009

Bowl of Cherries

Crackers and Cheese Dip

Ceaser Salad with Crispy Chicken from McDonalds

2 pc. white bread and sugar-free jam

small bowl of fruit loops and milk

Corn Pops (80 cal)

Turkey Club Sandwich from Great Canadian Bagel

Glasses of H20 x3


August 19, 2009

2 eggs over hard.

4 pc of WW bread with low cal jam and margarine. Why 4? I have no clue. I totally didn’t need them, but hopefully I’ll be full for awhile.

Glass of Juice

Large Iced cofffee

Pototoes, onion, green and red peppers with oil and seasoning

chicken breast

bowl of cherries

Reg. Coffee


1 mini cucumber

a few Shasha Co. Ginger Snaps

2pc. WW bread with low-cal jam and margarine


August 18, 2009 (awake at 12:00pm –

Bowl of mixed fruit

Glass of Juice

2 low fat hamburgers and buns

large Caesar Salad x2

ice cream cone x2

granola bar

not the greatest night I agree.


August 17, 2009 – (awake at 2pm to bed at 2am)

WW bread with low cal Jam and Margarine

Glass of OJ

I had a BBQ with girlfriends….low fat PC burger with bun, dip and crackers, watermelon, tiny pc of chocolate cheese cake, mixed greens salad

ice tea



August 16, 2009 (woke at 4:00pm – to bed at 8:15am – working nights)

Cup of Cherries

2pc of WW toast with low cal Jam

2 ‘over hard’ eggs

Tim Hortons Iced Coffee

Chicken Breast with New Potatoes, green and red peppers, onions and zucchini.

Ice Tea

1/2 lemon squre (I shouldn’t have. It wasn’t even that great).

Cup of Cherries


A few sunflower seeds

WW toast with low cal jam and margarine



August 15, 2009 – (woke at 4:00pm to bed at 8:15am – working nights)

Three small peaches sliced with Skim Milk and Splenda

Glass of Orange Juice

Med. Ice Cap From Tim Hortons

Two pieces of WW Toast with low fat jam and margarine

Swiss Steak – consist of stewing beef with pasta sauce, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, corn.

FF Cottage Cheese with Activa Fibre Yogurt

Glass of Cranberry Juice

Several Glasses of H2O

A few salt and vinegar crispers – 15 or so

Cup of fresh cherries

1 peach

2 pc. WW toast with low Cal Jam


August 14, 2009- (woke at 12:00pm to bed at 8:00am – working nights).

100g activia fibre yogurt with 100g FF Cottage Cheese with pieces of strawberry thrown in.

Glass of Crystal Lite

Granola Bar

Glass of OJ

Stir fry (red & green Peppers, potatoes, chives, chicken and organic quinoa)

Three cobs of corn

2nd activa yogurt and FF CC with peaches this time.

Shasha Co. Ginger Snaps (15 for 130 cals)



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