Posted by: Sonya | August 23, 2009

SH*T on a Plate

Thank you belly, abdomen, tire around my waist for reconfirming that i can’t eat sh*t food anymore. If I had any doubt before this weekend, I don’t anymore.

I had a fantastic time at my friend’s trailer this weekend, but I had sh*t on a plate several times. Well it was disguised a little. It looked like pie, and chips and chocolate and more, but let me tell ya,  it wasn’t. It was just a big old crap pile and now my belly is paying for it. Picture a pregger lady and that’s me! Sadly, my baby is a big old air balloon though.

As you can already tell, I didn’t do as well resisting the crap as I probably could have. Okay,  so the white flag was up from the minute I set foot in the camp. I’m not going to dwell on it though (I’ll just curse my stomach instead and complain to Cookie until her ears bleed) and just get back to the foods I’ve enjoyed eating. These foods include fruits and veggies (soooo not crap) that have helped me lose the weight I have so far. These foods make my stomach happy. It’s like my stomach does that little Activa yogurt (which I actually do enjoy as well) dance. Happy Stomach = Happy Sonya. I actually missed eating my fruits and veggies on Saturday. I missed my green and red peppers, my zucchini and potatoes. I missed my peaches, cherries and plums. I’m thinking that’s a good thing!

So lets just say I’m living proof that people can change. They really can. They might eat sh*t on a plate once and awhile, but on the whole they really can change.



  1. I’m constantly amazed that my body tells me when I eat somethign that is not so healthy!!! It makes it clear that it is not happy and wants me to go back to healthier options!

  2. That reminds me of the feeling that you get when you eat something fried…bleck! Makes you crave a salad.

  3. A crappy day of eating always reminds me of why I now eat healthy. I hate getting food hangovers, they’re the absolute worst.

  4. Yes, we can change. And our bodies get used to good food very quickly… And SH*T on a plate once in a while happens…

    Have a great week! 🙂

  5. Isn’t it funny, though, how our bodies do learn to reject the crap we used to enjoy? I also feel physically sick after eating anything greasy whereas before I could have easily gone to town on a huge order of fries – now they make me want to barf!

  6. That’s okay, it was totally a one-off. And now you’ll savour those fruits and veggies, and you won’t crave the Sh*t as much. You raise a really good point though: it’s amazing how you really *are* what you eat. I always feel like sheer crap after junk food – regret is 100% probable.

    Go Sonya!

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