Posted by: Sonya | September 14, 2009

I’ve Moved….again.

My new home is….

After being with wordpress for awhile I’ve decided to go back to blogger. What it came down to is simply being to cheap to pay for my own website. I recently got a letter in the mail telling me I needed to pay so much money to keep this site. I said…forget it.

So, I’ve picked a new layout and am working on improving it over in blogger land. I’m going to try to see if I can move over my old posts from wordpress to blogger but I’m not sure if I can yet. We’ll see. IF not…I’ll just have to start out fresh and vow never to venture away from blogger again. So please update your links to my website and continue to read my blog at its new home.



Posted by: Sonya | September 13, 2009

Continually Contemplating

Maybe I should be counting calories/points after all…..

I just found this link on OPRAH’s website today. It’s got me thinking again about going back to WW or at least following the program on my own.  I’m not sure I’d want to live until I’m 150 years old ( it’s no fun living that old if all your loved ones are already dead), but I would love to make it into my 90s. The rate I’m going right now, I doubt that’s going to happen.

With that being said though, I have to be honest and state that I’m still at the “contemplation” stage of change when it comes to consistently eating well and exercising. I might dabble at changing my lifestyle once and awhile,  but I’ve never been 100% committed 100% of the time. I struggle with wanting to make a change, and not wanting to. I love my life the way it is, I just wish I was 100lbs lighter!

I have thought about different forms of excercise that I could do that I would enjoy. I’ve thought about starting running again. A part of me really did like that I saw change right away, but the thought of hyperventilating on the sidewalk because I can’t run more than 5 minutes right now is unappealing. I thought about doing my Wii fitness again and might, but I got a bit disinterested even in that lately. Now I’m thinking of cycling. I have a stationary bike at home that is never used. Perhaps I should!

What do you guys do for exercise? How do you switch it up and keep it interesting and more FUN? I did love rock climbing (although I thought I was going to die a few times). I am planning on doing that again, (pictures to come) but I need other ideas. Do you have any?

Posted by: Sonya | September 10, 2009

Rocking it!

I’m back from camping! It was great and I didn’t do to bad food wise. When my friends were having poutine. I was eating fruit! Now of course, I still had smores, and jiffypop, but I think I still did better than my friends…lol….That’s got to count for something, right?  I actually wanted the fruit too. Which is a switch from my usual thinking long ago. Before I’d eat the fruit because I thought I ‘had’ to. Now I did it because I actually was really craving fruit!

I am still having some ‘tummy issues’ so I picked up some  better probiotics  from the health food store (the costco brand just wasn’t doing it) and plan to finally fill a script that the MD gave to me when I saw him. I’m hoping that then my stomach will feel normal again soon and then I’ll be comfortable enough to do more exercise. Right now feeling bloated etc….does not make me feeling like getting back into running or anything right now. Perhaps this is just an excuse though? Hummmm.

With that being said though, I am a ROCK who is ready to CLIMB today! God help me, but I am going rock climbing with two girls from work at 1pm.  It should be fun, but a part of me is scared out of my freak’in mind! I wanted to start trying new things though and this is one of them. Wish me Luck!

Posted by: Sonya | August 31, 2009

Time Travel

I went and saw the movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife” late night. It had me thinking afterwards (as movies often do), about if I had the ability to travel through time. I didn’t think about going back in time as a 30 year old and seeing my younger self. I didn’t think about traveling in the future and finding out what I become 10 years from now. Instead I thought about when I was 23. I thought about being that age when I was at my skinniest and how if I could have travelled through time to see myself now what would I have thought?  I think I would have a heart attack!!!!! I think I would have been shocked, I think I would have said “what the f*ck happened?”

When I was 23 I was on the top of the world. I was finishing university, I was going to Africa and I had  more confidence after losing 30 lbs and being 155 pounds than I have had in my entire life. Why couldn’t I hold onto that weight and that confidence? I’m sure I’m not alone in asking that question. Now I weight pretty much 100lbs more and my confidence is in the toilet!  I hate that my outward appearance has that impact on me.

Anyway…….after I go camping this coming long weekend I’m thinking of starting to count points again. I don’t want to, (boy, do I not want to), but I think it’s the only way I’m going to consistantly lose weight. I’m going to continue with my Wii exercises and get on the treadmill and I’m hoping that by the end of the year I can lose 20lbs. That’s my goal anyway. Twenty pounds off by Dec 31st, but hell…I’ll take anything!

Do you have a goal you want to reach by Dec 31st? If so…what is it?

Posted by: Sonya | August 28, 2009


Holy Crap, I’ve been tired lately. I’m not sure what the deal is. I’ve found I’ve  had to push myself to do anything.  I had to push myself to clean my house, I had to push myself to get groceries, I had to push myself to cook, I’ve had to push myself to well…..move. lol….  

All I feel like doing is lounging and sleeping and to be honest I have done this a lot. The wii has taken a back seat this week and the scale reflects that. Boy do I wish that you could lose weight being a couch potato!

When I feel this way I have to do a little ‘check in’ on myself. I’ve been in the pit of despair and on medication before so I often think “‘oh dear god, am I going there again?”  I don’t think so this time, although once again I have to admit I did have one “feeling sorry for myself” day earlier this week. I think it came on after going to the trailer and seeing my friend with her husband and 2 children. Ninety percent of the time  I am totally fine being single and okay with it, but there are those times where loneliness creeps in, and I think it did this past week. It can be hard to snap out of it, but thankfully this week coming will be a busy one so I don’t have too much time to mope.

I have a great life despite not having a spouse or children. I must remember that, and be thankful and move on.

Posted by: Sonya | August 26, 2009

Dear Reitmans

Dear Reitmans,

I went to your store today as I often do to shop for some new plus size tops and “tall” plus sized jeans.

When I asked the sales associate to direct me where you’re plus size tall jeans were she stated that you no longer carry them. My mouth dropped.

I am VERY disappointed in Reitmans right now. I have been a great customer to your store and have bought plus sized tall line jeans and slacks from your store for the last few years. I loved the fact I could count on you. Now I sadly can’t.

I’m angry and hurt that Reitmans, a store that is suppose to be for all women of all sizes no longer is thinking about women like me. I have a suspicion that perhaps it is simply because tall plus sized pants may not be as money making as normal sized pants. This saddens me that money always seems to come first.

For a woman of 5’11” it is difficult enough to find jeans that are long enough. Add the fact that I am now a plus sized girl (wearing size 18), it has become even harder. Shopping for plus sized clothing is bad enough for a number of reasons, add the fact I now can’t even buy the pants I want, makes my shopping experience even worse.

Please bring back your tall pants plus sized line. Reconsider! We the tall fat girls need stores like yours to step up and take the lead on providing all women, tall, short, large and skinny clothing that is reasonably priced, fits well and it actually stylish.

I do not want to wear Grandma style jeans when I am only 30 years old as really those other stores, either are too pricy or have no style.  Please, please, please bring back your jeans and other plus sized tall pants. I really don’t want to start having to wear only underwear when I go out!



Update. – the response.


Thank you for contacting us. It is always a pleasure to hear from our
loyal customers. However, it was with regret that we learned of your
disappointment with the removal of our Tall pants in the Plus Sizes

At Reitmans, we conduct various market studies to analyze the markets
that we serve in order to ensure that our merchandise assortment and
styles are appropriate. The selection of merchandise that we carry in
each of our locations speaks directly to the results of these market
studies as well as to customer demand. It is for these reasons that the
decision was made to not include Tall pants in Plus Sizes for our
upcoming Fall 2009 collection. We regret any disappointment that this
may have caused you.

Please be assured that your comments will be forwarded to the
appropriate individuals for review. It is feedback from customers such
as yourself that significantly influence our buying and allocating

We thank you for having shared your concerns with us and we look forward
to having the pleasure of serving you again soon in one of our stores.


Customer Service Representative
Reitmans Division

Posted by: Sonya | August 23, 2009

SH*T on a Plate

Thank you belly, abdomen, tire around my waist for reconfirming that i can’t eat sh*t food anymore. If I had any doubt before this weekend, I don’t anymore.

I had a fantastic time at my friend’s trailer this weekend, but I had sh*t on a plate several times. Well it was disguised a little. It looked like pie, and chips and chocolate and more, but let me tell ya,  it wasn’t. It was just a big old crap pile and now my belly is paying for it. Picture a pregger lady and that’s me! Sadly, my baby is a big old air balloon though.

As you can already tell, I didn’t do as well resisting the crap as I probably could have. Okay,  so the white flag was up from the minute I set foot in the camp. I’m not going to dwell on it though (I’ll just curse my stomach instead and complain to Cookie until her ears bleed) and just get back to the foods I’ve enjoyed eating. These foods include fruits and veggies (soooo not crap) that have helped me lose the weight I have so far. These foods make my stomach happy. It’s like my stomach does that little Activa yogurt (which I actually do enjoy as well) dance. Happy Stomach = Happy Sonya. I actually missed eating my fruits and veggies on Saturday. I missed my green and red peppers, my zucchini and potatoes. I missed my peaches, cherries and plums. I’m thinking that’s a good thing!

So lets just say I’m living proof that people can change. They really can. They might eat sh*t on a plate once and awhile, but on the whole they really can change.

Posted by: Sonya | August 21, 2009

HOT Damn!

I lost weight! I’m not dieting, I’m not counting calories and I’m not counting points, but the work I am doing is paying off because this girl lost 2.5lbs this week! Can I just say CRAZY!!!!!

Who knew just having a healthier lifestyle of more fruit and veggies and moving the caboose a bit would result in losing weight! lol…

I’m so pleased with the results because before I felt I went a little crazy with two ice cream cone and a few extra pieces of toast in about 24 hours (see food diary). Now I’m thinking, who cares, I lost weight!!!!! Yahoo!!!!! I mean I’m not ‘dieting’ so I shouldn’t feel bad when I have a little extra, right? Right – well, just as long as the scale is going in the right direction!!!! If I gained weight, you can be sure this post would be cursing those ice cream cones using every vial word out there.

Seriously though, I do know that even after a great week on the whole, I can do even better. After all I am still 55 in Mr. Wii’s eyes!!!  So here’s to the week ahead. I’m going to a friends trailer up north  this weekend so that should be fun. I feel I have a handle on my food right now (basically because I’m still stick of food in boxes), but I’m not naive either. I know I’ll have to still be careful to choose healthy options when away.  I can do it though, I know I can.

Posted by: Sonya | August 20, 2009

I’ve just Blossomed

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I finally realized “for sure” that the main reasons I over eat are because I’m either bored or lonely. Most of the time it’s both.

Since realizing this I have been making an effort to get out more and reconnect with old friends  and new ones too.   I realized I need a huge social circle around me so I’m never lonely and always have something to do so I’m never bored. 

What happens though when you reconnect with friends?

You eat.


I can’t win, I stay at home and become a hermit and I eat. I go out with friends and I  eat. Freak’in isn’t  fair I tell ya.

Sooooo, this girl who is learning about balance is really going to have to be careful, because with BBQ dinner dates planned, and camping trips coming up, I don’t want to go crazy and inhale all that is available in front of me. God knows I’ve done that before and it isn’t pretty!

I have to say though, I wouldn’t change things even with  food taughting me at every turn.  I have had soooo much fun reconnecting with my friends.  It’s like the good old days except we’re all bigger. We’ve all “Blossomed” as my friend said. LOL…I loved that. I’ve just blossomed in the last 10 years.   I haven’t gained 80lbs of lard from lack of exercise and crap eating. I’ve just blossomed into the woman I am today.

So next time you’re thinking of sharing the fact that you’ve  gained a  crap load of weight, just tell people instead you’ve just blossomed a bit. Trust me, it will make you smile.

Posted by: Sonya | August 18, 2009

Really? 55?

Okay dudes, I just finished working out. Oh yes, I rock, I agree. I’m totally proud that I got my workout in even when my head is hurting and I didn’t really feel like doing anything but lounging. I managed to do my wii active workout and I played wii sports – tennis as well.  I was feeling fan-freak’in-tastic  until that is Mr. Wii  told me I was 55. HELLO Wii, I’m only 30!!!!!!

This afternoon I took the wii sport fitness ‘test’ and apparently my fitness level is 25 years older than it should be. Now mind you, I found out that the best age that the wii will give out is 20, but still…55!!!! I mean, sure, I’ll take 55…IF I’M ACTUALLY 55!!!!! When you’re 30 on the other hand, it sucks mega bum. Dear God, Help me know.

So, my goal is to keep kicking Mr.Wii’s ass and take the test again in a month. I better be younger at that time, if not…I’m divorcing him!

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